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Really can't express how excited I am for the Season 3 premier of Mr. Robot tonight!

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I recently decided to get rid of the Bitcoin Cash I had from the hard fork. Honestly, I was tired of having four different wallet/nodes to sync every day or so. I used #Shapeshift to trade them for some more #Litecoin. It was quite easy and really didn't take that long for the transaction and confirmations to complete.

Now, I just have to decide what to do with my #Ethereum. With the markets in decline, I'm tempted to buy on the way down, but I'm also thinking of consolidating my holdings to just #Bitcoin and Litecoin.


I have some work that I should try and catch up on over the weekend, but I have such a strong aversion to working on weekends! #dilemma


Every time I have a yawn with a big stretch, I come out with an "Ooh yeah", sounding like Macho Man Randy Savage
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I just looked at my log file (in terminal, not via admin panel), and realized that it was 795MB in size! How are the rest of you admins managing your log file?


Well, it's official, I am an internet only customer. I replaced the equipment from my ISP with my own, and I returned theirs and changed my service yesterday evening. No more voice "landline" or TV service.


Treating Mom to a Mother's Day brunch. Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there!!


Finally got my much needed :coffee As a bonus, some sausage gravy and biscuits!!


Well, as it happens, we rode the bikes this afternoon, and now it's raining... That's what happens!


Great weather today! Going to spend most of it on two wheels :-)


Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!


Today, I enabled OStatus on my server, having to enable threading of course. I left the other related settings at their default (i.e. poller frequency). Is there anything else I need to do? My attempts to "subscribe" to some people on Quitter for instance result in error messages of either "cannot determine network type" or "profile not available". I am using the Remote Follow button on their profiles to begin this process.
Please give more details. Could you give me the url and the returned fields?
@Michael Vogel OK will do. Might be in the morning (for me). But, as you know, the other direction was successful!


Do any of you run your own Friendica server as well as a GNUSocial server? Or, if not your own, have accounts of both types? Thinking about it, since we all talk to each other, it seems like it would be overkill. Thoughts?
I will most likely kill my GNU Social server, as @Rebeka Catalina mentions, I also don't have many people that I follow. Now that my Friendica node is functioning properly and rather speedy, I don't see any use in keeping anything else up and running.


Back in the office today for our First Friday developers lunch. Then after work, Ghost in the Shell IMAX 3D!


Twidere usage

I see that Twidere has apparently been updated in February 2017. I have not used it for some time and just installed the app on my phone. Do any of you who are using it have any information to give? I am able to log in with it, but it seems not everything is working properly.


Official Tally of Wiretaps Belies Government Scare Stories About Encryption

The annual Wiretap Report from the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts found that encryption was less of a problem in 2015 than the year before.


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Call for Bombing ISIS After Orlando Shooting That ISIS Didn't Direct

Neither explained how escalating bombardments in Iraq and Syria would do anything to stop self-radicalized and/or unhinged attackers in the United States.



Secret Text in Senate Bill Would Give FBI Warrantless Access to Email Records

The stealth change would expand the reach of the FBI’s already highly controversial national security letters.


London’s New Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Hailed in U.K. and Pakistan

Sadiq Khan, the son of Pakistani immigrants, was sworn in on Saturday at Southwark Cathedral, becoming the British capital's first Muslim mayor.


NSA and CIA Double Their Warrantless Searches on Americans in Two Years

The searches for terms “concerning a known U.S. person” were conducted on a massive NSA database ostensibly collected for foreign intelligence purposes.


WhatsApp, Used by 100 Million Brazilians, Was Shut Down Nationwide Today by a Single Judge

It is stunning to watch a single judge instantly shut down a key means of online communication for the world's fifth-largest country. But similar battles are inevitable.


Email Privacy Bill Passes House Unanimously

The bill requires a warrant before searching old digital communications stored in the cloud by companies like Google and Facebook.


Snowden Debates CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Encryption

It was Snowden's first public debate. “For the government to unlock everything there has to be a key to everything," he said.


I almost forgot to vote yesterday. I knew there was something I wanted to do on the way home, but couldn't remember. Of course, after I got home and got comfortable, I remembered, and went back out!


Signal for the win

With Facebook No Longer a Secret Weapon, Egypt’s Protesters Turn to Signal

With Facebook now closely monitored in Egypt, activists have been learning to use the encrypted messaging app Signal to communicate on the streets.


Finally starting to feel like spring weather. The weekend was great and got out on the motorcycle both days. I've had my windows open since the end of last week and everything is cool and mild!


I stayed home sick from work last Thursday and Friday. This week, it's like everyone is infected! #plague


While it was cool that a couple of girls used my pocket comb to use in their hair, I feel like I should wash it now. Is that rude?


Panama Papers Leak Sparks Protests in Iceland Over Prime Minister’s Secret Finances

Thousands of protesters rallied outside Iceland's parliament to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson over an offshore account he kept secret.


Just have to love spring weather here. It was 70F and windy yesterday afternoon, and I wake up this morning to 30F! Brisk!! That's 21C and 1.5C for my metric friends 8-)
cool... I mean.. cool..


FBI Got Into San Bernardino Killer’s iPhone Without Apple’s Help

After more than a month of insisting that Apple weaken its security, the government has accessed the data stored on Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone and dropped its legal fight.


I just went to a professional barber for the first time. Didn't have my beard trimmed though. Quite happy with the result!


I just returned from dinner with the Christians for their holiday, and now I'm stuffed with food! I'll be eating left-overs for lunch the next couple of days!


Having a few pints at a nice local place. Good live music!


St. Patrick's Day

25 hours until I turn into a (mildly) drunken leprechaun. :beer