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Well, as it happens, we rode the bikes this afternoon, and now it's raining... That's what happens!

Great weather today! Going to spend most of it on two wheels :-)

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

Today, I enabled OStatus on my server, having to enable threading of course. I left the other related settings at their default (i.e. poller frequency). Is there anything else I need to do? My attempts to "subscribe" to some people on Quitter for instance result in error messages of either "cannot determine network type" or "profile not available". I am using the Remote Follow button on their profiles to begin this process.
Please give more details. Could you give me the url and the returned fields?
@Michael Vogel OK will do. Might be in the morning (for me). But, as you know, the other direction was successful!

Do any of you run your own Friendica server as well as a GNUSocial server? Or, if not your own, have accounts of both types? Thinking about it, since we all talk to each other, it seems like it would be overkill. Thoughts?
I will most likely kill my GNU Social server, as @Rebeka Catalina mentions, I also don't have many people that I follow. Now that my Friendica node is functioning properly and rather speedy, I don't see any use in keeping anything else up and running.

Back in the office today for our First Friday developers lunch. Then after work, Ghost in the Shell IMAX 3D!