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Email Privacy Bill Passes House Unanimously

The bill requires a warrant before searching old digital communications stored in the cloud by companies like Google and Facebook.


Snowden Debates CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Encryption

It was Snowden's first public debate. “For the government to unlock everything there has to be a key to everything," he said.


I almost forgot to vote yesterday. I knew there was something I wanted to do on the way home, but couldn't remember. Of course, after I got home and got comfortable, I remembered, and went back out!


Signal for the win

With Facebook No Longer a Secret Weapon, Egypt’s Protesters Turn to Signal

With Facebook now closely monitored in Egypt, activists have been learning to use the encrypted messaging app Signal to communicate on the streets.


Finally starting to feel like spring weather. The weekend was great and got out on the motorcycle both days. I've had my windows open since the end of last week and everything is cool and mild!


I stayed home sick from work last Thursday and Friday. This week, it's like everyone is infected! #plague


While it was cool that a couple of girls used my pocket comb to use in their hair, I feel like I should wash it now. Is that rude?


Panama Papers Leak Sparks Protests in Iceland Over Prime Minister’s Secret Finances

Thousands of protesters rallied outside Iceland's parliament to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson over an offshore account he kept secret.