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Just have to love spring weather here. It was 70F and windy yesterday afternoon, and I wake up this morning to 30F! Brisk!! That's 21C and 1.5C for my metric friends 8-)
cool... I mean.. cool..


FBI Got Into San Bernardino Killer’s iPhone Without Apple’s Help

After more than a month of insisting that Apple weaken its security, the government has accessed the data stored on Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone and dropped its legal fight.


I just went to a professional barber for the first time. Didn't have my beard trimmed though. Quite happy with the result!


I just returned from dinner with the Christians for their holiday, and now I'm stuffed with food! I'll be eating left-overs for lunch the next couple of days!


Having a few pints at a nice local place. Good live music!


St. Patrick's Day

25 hours until I turn into a (mildly) drunken leprechaun. :beer


It's been a while since I've tried, but I can't seem to post a picture when using twidere.
I used twidere to post that, and even though It went through, it gave me a "Network Error" message when I sent it. :(
@Adam Magness Looks like I forgot to force private APIs in the hidden settings!