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Last night was a wet one

Our last stop was a restaurant which was only a few miles from the garage where we keep our motorcycles. It was during that time that the thunderstorm rolled in, quite a bit of rain and lightning. After waiting an hour or so for it to pass by, unsuccessfully mind you, we resigned to the fact we were just going to have to get wet. A few miles and about 5 or so minutes in the rain, my shoes and bottom half of my pants were soaked but my sweatshirt was still somewhat dry to the skin.

Well, as it happens, we rode the bikes this afternoon, and now it's raining... That's what happens!

Happy Birthday @Birne Helene !!

Adam Magness 7 days ago
Ahh yes, I see that now. The reminder shows the 20th, but the calendar shows 21st.

Birne Helene 7 days ago
:) hugz

I want​ a girl with a mind like a diamond, I want a girl who knows what's best. I want a girl with shoes that cut, and eyes that burn like cigarettes.

Great weather today! Going to spend most of it on two wheels :-)

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!
Birne Helene 2 weeks ago
I don't celebrate, but Happy Easter to you too!

Lunch at a new Hawaiian Cuisine place in town. Pretty nice place, good food!

Happy Friday friends! I wouldn't mind starting the weekend a little early, but work pays the bills...

Another great day to get out on two wheels!!

Good morning friends! :coffee Looks like it's going to be another great weather day today. Hopefully work will go by quickly!
Tobias 2 weeks ago
good morning :-) :coffee

Jacqueline Diez 2 weeks ago from Qvitter
@tobias @adam Good morning :) Also with coffee

Some pics from yesterday's ride!

Today, I enabled OStatus on my server, having to enable threading of course. I left the other related settings at their default (i.e. poller frequency). Is there anything else I need to do? My attempts to "subscribe" to some people on Quitter for instance result in error messages of either "cannot determine network type" or "profile not available". I am using the Remote Follow button on their profiles to begin this process.

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago
As always, thank you @Michael Vogel That did it, adding contact from the side bar in my contacts view. It seems that when doing remote follow, it wants to use the quitter.xx/user/12345 instead of quitter.xx/username. Perhaps that is the issue.

Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the hint. I will have a look at it.

Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago
Could you check via /probe/ if your system resolves the address?

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago
I do get an array back when using probe with the format.

Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago
What I mean: Is it with a key, a full name, ...

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago from Twidere
@Michael Vogel No, it only had three fields in the array, not complete info. Sorry I've been out and about today.

Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago
Please give more details. Could you give me the url and the returned fields?

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago from Twidere
@Michael Vogel OK will do. Might be in the morning (for me). But, as you know, the other direction was successful!

The other reason First Friday lunches are worth the trip.


Do any of you run your own Friendica server as well as a GNUSocial server? Or, if not your own, have accounts of both types? Thinking about it, since we all talk to each other, it seems like it would be overkill. Thoughts?

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago
@Morgan McMillian are you following any of your contacts from that gnu social server with your Friendica? Not, that I have that many, but wondering if it works as you desire from Friendica after shutting it down.

Morgan McMillian 3 weeks ago
I did and it works pretty well. But I peeled that back because the volume of traffic was rather too heavy for me. If you have thread completion enabled the amount of posts you get can snowball rather rapidly drowning out the other stuff as you increase the number of people you follow. I think it's a result of how the ostatus protocol works.

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago
I will most likely kill my GNU Social server, as @Rebeka Catalina mentions, I also don't have many people that I follow. Now that my Friendica node is functioning properly and rather speedy, I don't see any use in keeping anything else up and running.

Back in the office today for our First Friday developers lunch. Then after work, Ghost in the Shell IMAX 3D!

Tomorrow night is the night, I'm going to see the new Ghost in the Shell, in IMAX 3D.

Good morning friends! :coffee
Rebeka Catalina 3 weeks ago
Good morning :coffee

Morgan McMillian 3 weeks ago
Hmmm. :coffee yes. Good morning

Pizza party work lunch, and now at happy hour with colleagues. Good day for making the trip to the office!!

Time to begin my 1.25 hour trip into the Office. Lucky for me, I only have to do it a few times a month!