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These all day Sprint refinement meetings are draining! In a GoToMeeting with my headphones on since 10 and going to 17, if we end on time. The last part of the day is a struggle...

OK. Still at the beach, having a good time. Are you tired of hearing about it, or are you just waiting for pictures?

Bike Week Update: Things are great so far. A good bit of people/bikes are in town. Fun times are being had. I'll crop some pics and share, the phone camera megapixel is too large to post 🙁

Off for a long weekend. Got the motorcycles loaded up and heading south for Bike week. But first, breakfast!!

I recently decided to get rid of the Bitcoin Cash I had from the hard fork. Honestly, I was tired of having four different wallet/nodes to sync every day or so. I used #Shapeshift to trade them for some more #Litecoin. It was quite easy and really didn't take that long for the transaction and confirmations to complete.

Now, I just have to decide what to do with my #Ethereum. With the markets in decline, I'm tempted to buy on the way down, but I'm also thinking of consolidating my holdings to just #Bitcoin and Litecoin.
#shapeshift #litecoin #ethereum #bitcoin cryptocurrency

I have some work that I should try and catch up on over the weekend, but I have such a strong aversion to working on weekends! #dilemma
Adam Magness 2 weeks ago from Twidere
@Adam Magness So I decided instead of working, I'd take the Harley out. Beautiful day today!

It's always fun when unexpected API and unit test work creeps into your task. Probably my fault that I didn't anticipate that there were no existing APIs to support this feature, but it certainly wasn't part of my thinking when I estimated the task.
programming code development

Why is it, that going out with friends on a weekend day, always results in spending $100?

So, I changed my profile picture today, which seems to show correctly on my profile, and surprisingly in twidere. However, I still see my old picture on posts/replies on when viewing from my browser. I wonder if all/any of you out there see my new picture or no?
Thomas Willingham 3 weeks ago
I see the new one here, and in the comments - but if I click through to your site, it's the new one in the vcard, and the the old one in the posts. Not sure why that happens. Michael did something to improve it a few weeks or maybe a couple of months ago, and it did improve things, but it's still slow in some places. OpenGraph is the last place of all to update.

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago from Twidere
@Thomas Willingham Ahh I see. Well, that's good that the new one is the one going out to other nodes at least. Thanks for the reply! 😊

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago
And now, this morning, I see the new picture everywhere. New and old posts, just needed some time! Thanks again. :coffee

Every time I have a yawn with a big stretch, I come out with an "Ooh yeah", sounding like Macho Man Randy Savage
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Good morning friends! :coffee

A nice drive to work today, a pleasant 65F, which is a welcome break from the 85+ day's we've been having!

I got caught in the rain while on the motorcycle today. The difference this time is that I was wearing shorts! My arms are used to it, but stinging rain on the legs was a new one...

Nice treat after the storm!

utzer 2 months ago
Which country or area is this?

Adam Magness 2 months ago from Twidere
@utzer this is Mid-Atlantic region of USA. About an hour north of Baltimore.

utzer 2 months ago
Thanks for the Information.



I just looked at my log file (in terminal, not via admin panel), and realized that it was 795MB in size! How are the rest of you admins managing your log file?
Fabio 2 months ago
logrotate :-)

Adam Magness 2 months ago
Excellent, thank you!

That feeling you get when you know you're good for at least the next 17 mornings! @Coffee
@coffee Coffee
Coffee 3 months ago
Awesome! Have to get one of those! :-D


Windows Phone dies today

Microsoft is killing off Windows Phone 8.1 support today, more than three years after the company first introduced the update. The end of support marks an end to the Windows Phone era, and the...
Adam Magness 3 months ago
Knowing full well, its number will always come up eventually...
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45 minutes into our all-day GoToMeeting.... Gotta love sprint refinement meetings. The backlog is pretty jammed, and now it's acceptance criteria and effort estimation. I'm probably going to have headphone marks on my head and around my ears this afternoon!

Stopped in my favorite breakfast spot for some :coffee, and decided to change up my usual order. Sausage gravy and biscuits!!

@Friendica Developers I've been getting this error all day, today at least.

[NORMAL]:dba.php:290:q DB Error (Connected) 1054: Unknown column 'done' in 'where clause'

Michael Vogel 3 months ago
Yeah, this bug really was annoying. Sorry for that.

Adam Magness 3 months ago
No worries! All was well once I realized what was happening. Running the check from the Admin panel got me all set. Thanks for all the replies :-)