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Well, it's official, I am an internet only customer. I replaced the equipment from my ISP with my own, and I returned theirs and changed my service yesterday evening. No more voice "landline" or TV service.

So glad for free weekends on Showtime. I'd never be able to watch Homeland otherwise!!

This week is the first time I've missed going to Myrtle Beach Bike Week in several years. Some of my friends that are down there are having a great time though! Hopefully I'll make it next year!

Recent updates to the #twidere app have hindered usage with #friendica. The Home tab, no longer seems to refresh or use what we would call Network (main timeline). The Interactions tab still works, basically any posts that you have liked or participated in. There is a new Public Timeline tab, which is what we would call profile, basically all your posts. Then, the new Federated Timeline tab which just throws a 501 (basically no API endpoint).

Anyone else finding twidere usage not useful lately?

Happy Monday friends! Back to the grind, so to speak. :coffee

Treating Mom to a Mother's Day brunch. Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there!!

Since moving my #friendica instance to the new server, I hadn't been getting emails about post notifications and messages and such. Then I remembered, I never installed #postfix on the new server. Well, after a bunch of configuring and testing, I think it's finally working!

Finally got my much needed :coffee As a bonus, some sausage gravy and biscuits!!


Hack the Planet

Leaked NSA Malware Is Helping Hijack Computers Around the World

A large-scale digital infestation used leaked NSA malware to spread itself across the internet today.
Morgan McMillian 2 weeks ago
Hack the planet!

Hi friends, quick question. What have any of you fellow friendica admins set your picture upload size max to? I am frequently in able to post from twidere with pictures, I believe because of my phone's camera resolution. My setting is the default which I believe is 800k.
Steffen K9 3 weeks ago
Maximum image size: 1250000
Maximum image length: -1 (no limit)
JPEG image quality: 84

Steffen K9 3 weeks ago
I usually resize pictures to a sane value before uploading/posting them.

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago from Twidere
@Steffen K9 I would resize too but I usually just press the attachment icon in twidere which just uses built in camera

Tobias 3 weeks ago
I have the image quality set to 50, which usually is enough for quick viewing the image in the network stream. Better quality could always be requested if needed, but I don't see any real loss in the quality of the images.

Steffen K9 3 weeks ago
Really? I've tested a lot of quality settings between 50 and 100. Every level below 80 was ugly as hell. Jpeg artifacts were much to strong.

Tobias 3 weeks ago
There are artifacts, but I only see them when zooming into the image. For just viewing in the network stream I don't see them.

Morgan McMillian 3 weeks ago
I have mine set to no limit but I'm the only active user on my instance.

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago from Twidere
@Morgan McMillian I am also only user, so I'm not concerned about going unlimited really, but was curious of others usage

It's that time of year, where I'm happy for the warmer weather but, the sun now rises right into my bedroom and office windows (read: my eyes). No need for an alarm to wake me up, and I have close the blinds behind my monitor for the first hour or so of work. O.o

Woke up and left the house early because I'm past due on getting my vehicle emmissions done. As a result, I left without having my morning :coffee. Now I'm at a diner having breakfast and the much needed coffee!

This rainy weather is not making for a good walk to lunch day...

Suddenly this morning, I realize that my posts from #twidere (since April 26) have all been going to draft and not posting. I just tried to "repost" my most recent, and it just goes right to draft...
Adam Magness 3 weeks ago
Apparently, it's something to do with the drafts all having picture attachments. Probably too large, but I thought using #twidere to take the picture made it a "smaller" size...

Good Morning friends! :coffee
Rebeka Catalina 4 weeks ago
Good morning :-)

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @Arch Linux I am in the process of moving my instance from one server to another. I am basically done, but having some "issues". I moved from an old Ubuntu (14.04) to my #Arch Linux server. I copied the database over and got everything set up, and appears to work. However, with there being no cron I had to quickly "learn" #systemd timers. So now I have two "instances" running on two different servers, the original one is still the one that is accessible from the internet, with the arch server accessible internally. Now, what I'm experiencing is that the new server is not getting the most recent messages/posts and seems to be pretty far behind = New server top post 22h ago, current server top post = 6 minutes ago. I'm not sure if this is a poller issue (timers instead of cron) or maybe something to do with having not switched http to point to the new server.

Any ideas/experience on this

Adam Magness 3 weeks ago
Debian switched to systemd on their "Jessie" release. Though, they kept crontab as well. There are a few "cron" packages for Arch Linux, but I wanted to try using timers instead of installing more packages... trying to keep it minimal ( "The Arch way" ).

Hypolite Petovan 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the tip about Debian Jessie, I had no idea I was using systemd. I'm still relying on cronjobs and I'm now trying to find a how-to migrate cronjobs to systemd timers.

Andy H 3 weeks ago
@Hypolite Petovan, apparently there is a script for converting your crontabs to timers. Here some general background about the differences between the two

Hypolite Petovan 3 weeks ago
Thanks, it looks way more complicated than what I need, I only use cronjobs to run websites background scripts, not for any system maintenance.


Last night was a wet one

Our last stop was a restaurant which was only a few miles from the garage where we keep our motorcycles. It was during that time that the thunderstorm rolled in, quite a bit of rain and lightning. After waiting an hour or so for it to pass by, unsuccessfully mind you, we resigned to the fact we were just going to have to get wet. A few miles and about 5 or so minutes in the rain, my shoes and bottom half of my pants were soaked but my sweatshirt was still somewhat dry to the skin.