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Happy Saint Patrick's Day friends!!

Happy Friday friends! ☕

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Happy Birthday @Fabio !!! 🍰

Thank you! Thank you!
@🐰yp🥚li✝️e Pet🥚van I accept also English, French and Spanish 😁

Feliz compleaños!

생일 축하해!


I've been somewhat absent from the #fediverse lately. Work has been super busy as of late, and doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon. It also seems like forever since I've submitted a PR for ~friendica ~friendica 🙁
🐰yp🥚li✝️e Pet🥚van doesn't like this.

Don't worry about it, Friendica will still be here when you'll have more free time back. Additionally, any PR is appreciated, and the quality of yours actually improved with feedback, which is even more appreciated!

No problem - although we all will be happy when your time permits some work at Friendica again 😀 There is always enough to do.

But more important than that is, that you don't stress yourself.


Don’t use Huawei phones, say heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA - The Verge

During his testimony, FBI Director Chris Wray said the the government was “deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don’t share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks.”
What about domestic governments that don’t share our values or gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks?

Guess we'll need to start our own mesh network!

When one is attending a web meeting and eating M&Ms, one must remember to put oneself on mute!
One better does. I found in our company meetings, done by Skype, that I can mute people in a team conference, which I do if they are to noisy. I guess sometime they will have trouble to unmute themselves again, but I guess one has to know his/her shit to master it.

Yes, we had been using GoToMeeting and recently moved to WebEx. Typically everyone is pretty good about muting themselves, but I don't usually eat during these meetings, so I sometimes forget myself!

Does it have a mute per default, similar to Mumble or Teamspeak with a push-to-talk button (at least the first one does have it)?

With WebEx, you click a mute button which is just a toggle. The host does have the ability to mute people, either all, or individually.

Good morning friends! ☕ The coffee is tasting especially good this morning!

Finally just wrapped up a deployment sprint. It's been quite the busy past 10 days! Time to relax a bit, until Monday.

As of this morning #Arch Linux updated their repos with the latest #Nextcloud !!! I can finally update my server! There were 132 packages waiting... Let's hope my server doesn't explode!!

This is why I normally use Debian or Ubuntu for my servers and leave Arch for a desktop.

I specifically moved my servers to Arch not long ago. The only reason it had been an issue for me is because of the previous requirement of NC12 not working with php 7.2, so basically I couldn't update my server for the last few months.

I had a debian running on that device and they pushed that update even it was known, that it would cause this error 🙁

Yeah, luckily I didn't try to update my server until they put the dependency for < 7.2 so the whole update process would just stop.

Let's hope my server doesn't explode!!

No snapshot before update?

Nope, just wild and crazy! All the stuff that I have in NC is synced to multiple devices, so I never feel like I'd lose everything.

I do enjoy the Superbowl, but I am usually more excited for the commercials.
@Adam Magness I've been hearing that all day today from the most random of peoples.
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@Gabe. R. there were a few really good ones. Past years have had some let downs, but this year quality was high

Obligatory @hoergen picture. Good local band at the local pub!!

Hahaha thank you 🌻 I Think one day, I will have friends again ;) I should start to create a catalogue ;)

I finally just moved a task that I've got 32 hours of actual on, into In review status! This sprint has been a bear, and not just for me. I'm looking forward to not feeling the pressure on the last two days!!

I'll take the free trial please!

Took the car to get a much needed wash, and now stopped for a nice lunch!


I'm seriously considering getting the #Google #Daydream view for my #Pixel2 XL, just so I can watch the #Olympics2018 in VR!
Hope you'll reconsider.

I was only half-serious, but it does seem like a neat technology already built into my phone.

Which winter sport you like in particular?

I like a lot of the downhill skiing, and freestyle (x-games style) stuff.

That's cool stuff!