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Well, the long weekend is over. It's back to work in the morning. I'm going to have to figure out what I want to do for some vacation time this year!

Good morning friends!

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Enjoy your ☕ Adam 😀

Recovery food, the day after 😐 Clearly the nachos were terrible


Out with friends!

Enjoy and say hello to everyone

You have MANY friends ;)
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@hoergen hahaha, they're not all mine!!

Can I have some of them. They look as if the have a lot humor ;)

@hoergen absolutely! The more the merrier. I'd love to have my fediverse friends for some local recreation! 😀

Looking forward to the long weekend! My employer made the Martin Luther King Jr holiday an official holiday to close the offices!
Enjoy! 😀

I just finished season 1 of Stranger Things. I really enjoyed this show! I just hope season 2 keeps up the awesome!

#strangerthings streaming
I really love both seasons.

That's a relief to hear! I'm sure I'll be starting it soon, and probably finish it by next week!

I finished Season 2, @hoergen you were correct, it didn't disappoint! It was a great season, and now of course, I can't wait for it to return!

Nice to hear 😀 I can't await it too 🎊


What the heck is a bomb cyclone? | Popular Science

Well, at least now I know it's not some stupid millennial made up catch phrase...

What the heck is a bomb cyclone?

And just how bad is it?

Forgot to share a great gift I was given for Christmas. Good friends, good gift!


I took some time over the last week to start watching Black Mirror. I made it all the way up to the middle of season 4. Now, I have just 3 more episodes until I'm all caught up, and eagerly awaiting another season!

#blackmirror #netflix
#blackmirror #netflix streaming

Good Morning friends! ☕
Even though there is some light snow, I decided to drive out for some breakfast.
Which brings up a question. Is it just me, or is winter that time of year when everything metal you touch, basically electrocutes you? ⚡⚡

Made it out of the house today, it's a bitter 24F out! Guess it's good that I'm picking up some firewood! 🔥

Test from new server. There seem to be some discrepancies from the time during the switch. The 1.5GB sql script took quite some time to import. I know (because the other server is still running), that I got a connection request and several posts, that do not appear on "this" server. Any comments/likes are welcomed to confirm this actually went somewhere!
So, this is a test to which I'm supposed to reply... Now I don't know what to do...

Thank you. There is still some strangeness, but this at least lets me know someone else sees this post!

I think it works. 😀

Well, it looks like today is the day. I've moved everything I can think of from this #server over to the "new" server. Some things were easy and some took more time than I thought, #Openfire took more, and #NextCloud took less. The last thing before I flip the switch on the router is ~friendica ~friendica. Here's hoping it goes smoothly!
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Today is the last day of the sprint, which is also a deployment sprint, so it's all hands on deck. Now comes the time when we all chip in to help with regression testing...

Good morning, friends! ☕ Happy Midwinter! Yule!
Good morning. Hope yule enjoy your day!

Finally went to see this last night! I quite enjoyed it 😀Image/photo