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Seems like a popular band tonight. Crowded much?

The number of screens, jeebus.

Good morning friends! ☕ time 😀
good morning 😀 have a great weekend!

Btw. BBcode [size=xx] doesn't federate well to Diaspora.

So, I think I'm going to move my server again. Earlier in the year, I moved all my "stuff" to another server, so that I could move it from #Ubuntu to #ArchLinux like the rest of my machines. Well, that has been done for some time and I just haven't been motivated to move it all back.

The machine everything is living on at the moment is really a desktop machine where the server is actually a ProLiant ML110 G6. So, today I ordered two 1TB HDDs to replace the two secondary drives that are in there now, and I'll leave the 160GB main drive as is.

Most likely a weekend project (the hard drives won't be here until Thursday), and hopefully all goes smoothly. The move I did earlier in the year wasn't particularly bad if memory serves.
I'd argue that Linux actually makes this kind of thing enjoyable!
ProLiant ML110 is also a nice machine. I like the two microserver I have; HP did well to continue some Compaq traditions with these machines.
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The drives are out for delivery, and should be here in about an hour or so. I'm sure I'll have them installed and the system up and running in no time, but moving everything is another task all together!

Is it just me, or is it more fun working on code for ~friendica ~friendica than it is working on code for work? 😀
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Given the number of changes I'm asking from you, your work must really be tedious!

LOL, not really, but there's just something fun about working on something other than work. Don't get me wrong, I do really like my day job!

Good morning friends! ☕ 😀

Time to head up the road. North about half the distance between myself and @Hypolite Petovan It'll take me about 3 hours, then I'll be back working on some ~Friendica code!
Awesome, drive safe!

@Friendica Developers Is everyone really quiet this morning, or did we break something?

everything looks fine from here..

I was worried, after I sent that message my queue grew to 75 and they are all dfrn. Then I didn't see this post when visiting the dev forum, perhaps because I didn't use the new ! format.

There were some forgotten changes of del_pconfig usage in the addons, but the rest seems to be fine.

Wow! Relevant to the topic @Brian Ó and @Hypolite Petovan

Kevin Spacey Is Getting Edited Out of His Latest Movie

Christopher Plummer has been cast to reshoot Spacey's scenes in 'All the Money in the World' ahead of the film's December release.

New stuff. He's rich enough to finance his own productions, but he needs an audience.

The new device has arrived! Now for the fun of installing all my apps and logging them in. Let's hope after a week or two, it doesn't display any of the reported issues!

I don't know how many more of these nice autumn weather days we have left, but today sure is one! On two wheels with some friends at the local American Leigon.

What a sad story, horribly unfortunate!

Old friends from Argentina reunited in New York. Five died together in a terrorist attack.

The trip was meant to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of their graduation from high school in Rosario, Argentina.

I'm just now getting informed about the chaos happening in NYC over the last several hours. Hoping @Hypolite Petovan was far away from the area!

Truck attack in Manhattan kills 8 in 'act of terror'

The driver of a rental truck drove down a busy bicycle path in New York City near the World Trade Center, killing eight people and injuring about a dozen others in what officials said was an "act of terror."
I was, thanks for the thought!

Rendezvous with the group. Now to decide the route, wind in the hair!

Another great chilly evening after work to get the motorcycle out. Two of us now, first stop, then to meet up with with 3 or 4 more!

Happy Birthday @Hypolite Petovan 🍰

@Fabio are you manually typing in :{emoticon_name} or using a picker? I've never been able to get the Smileybutton plugin to work, and I don't know all the emoticon names to use the : syntax

I wrote ":bir" and the autocomplete popup suggested the birthdaycake emoticon

anyway you can find them all under "/smilies" url

Great! Why did I not know this already :facepalm

I like ": snooker" which is showing an eight-ball 🎱 :facepalm
Also, Happy Birthday, @Hypolite Petovan 🍺

Thank you Steffen!

It's funny that I see the :facepalm and 🍺 smileys correctly but not 🎂, did I do something wrong?
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"smiley_pack" addon?

🎂 Yay!

This it the last time I decide to become an "early-adopter"...

The latest Pixel 2 issues: A high-pitched whine and clicking noises

Some users are told a software fix is in the works.
Until the next time? Early adoption seems to be a mindset rather than a one-time occurence.

Yeah, I see what you mean. My current phone, the Nexus 6P, was already out in the wild for almost a year before I got it. Before that, however, I was in on the beginning of the OnePlus One. So you may be on to something there! 😁

Did you contribute to the LibrePhone crowdfunding campaign? 😉

No 😁 I am crossing my fingers, that I will magically have not issues. I've been lucky in the past to not experience many of the issues that are had by others.