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Can someone explain to me how is this any different from people killing in the name of Islam or any other religion?

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Thomas Willingham 6 days ago
Yahweh looks sexier in a mankini than Allah.

Rasmus Fuhse 6 days ago

Der anonyme Nick 6 days ago
It would be interesting if the pastor did the citing not only in a general way but with the fitting quotes. He could have a hard time doing that, because he had to choose some lines from the Old Testament that are directed against a particular, long extinct populace in a very special situation.

The Bible could be a cute book of fairytales (at least and at most) if it wouldn't be always abused in this terrible way like this pastor does. They utilize the fact that as good as nobody knows the bible. Even the 'good christians' who are going to church often do know only the about 5% (conservatively estimated) of the bible that are always told in the sermon.

Because i love legends and fantasy i read the bible twice.(like the 'holy books' of most of the perished or recent religions)
The last time is years ago but anyhow i'm pretty sure that there's no statement in the bible with the meaning 'you can use whatever force necessary to take out an evildoer'.

It's similar to the thing with Sodom and Gomorrha: Everybody 'knows' that in this chapter the bible clearly condemn... show more

Hypolite Petovan 6 days ago
If anything, it shows time and again that the important has never been any sacred book, only the beliefs of the people holding them to justify their views.

Adam Magness 6 days ago
I think this is a re-tweet from just before the Crusades...

Anne 5 days ago
I like your comment on this hypolite

Hypolite Petovan 5 days ago
Thank you Anne!